Larry in 1974. I would stay awake. He only worked there a few years initially but returned after purchasing a stake in . Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) Project 25 Phase II. [7] KAAY is Cumulus' only station with a religious format. The music promoter inducted will be Ron Kohn from Rapid City, while Schneider Music in Rapid City is the music store inductee. At night, when the station's 50,000-watt signal could be heard over a large territory, the station aired nine hours of paid religious programming. near the regular radio AM antenna etc) and the ones that are still totally clear channel may provide coast to coast listening even today. "I was music director for a good number of years in there, did mornings with [news anchor] George Jennings. We were driving to Searcy to visit family on that . 1 = Clear-channel stations with extended nighttime coverage. On the recording of that final hour, he talked about how the station was full of former staffers, TV cameras, newspaper reporters, andlamented the change in his second-to-last break. Add a Message. February 2010, p. 11. We recommend to enable all cookies to guarantee the website properly work. KAAY AM is a Christian radio station that says its mission is to disciple Christians and share the Gospel by airing local, regional and national ministry programs. There were other stations already broadcasting to Cuba, but no one had the signal pattern KAAY had. Such memories. Underground Returns. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, June 21, 2020, pp. Back in the late 60s and early 70s there was a powerful AM station in Little Rock Arkansas, KAAY AM. One night I heard something unlike anything else that had been coming out of the little Arvin. The Mighty 1090, as it was known, became a top 40 station on September 3, 1962. It looks like some insects had a nice meal over the years. By the way, if you can solve an argument, which station played "Bonita" by . " Also HawkwindVan der Graaf GeneratorGypsyDeepwater ReunionNew RidersNick DrakeCurved AirLove SculptureDustand of course, JAIME BROCKETT. Marketing cookies help us and our partners to fit the adverts and content you see during and after visiting our site to your interests. This radio station is owned by Cumulus Media. Clyde Clifford returned to talk about Beaker Street. I've been grooving back over my first visit to The West when I was a teenage radio freak with a Zenith Royal 400 transistor radio glued to my ear as my family spent the summer driving all . " This was during a time when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had rules stating that an engineer had to be on duty at all times when a station was in operation. Read our Privacy Policy. "AHHHH, the memories!! I remember many times getting yelled at by my dad to turn that thing off and go to sleep! Beaker Street was my favorite radio program. Top 40 music was the main format, but, in 1966, a new segment called Beaker Street was added. And while the big city rockers like WLS and WCFL provided no shortage of great listening, I was an active DX-er and was fascinated by that exotic station from Little Rock that boomed in every night on 1090. I grew up in Evanston IL, a northern suburb of Chicago. The show would go on for 3-4 hours, followed by an hour-long radio serial called Chandu the Magician. My aircheck collection preserves some great memories of the industry that I loved to be part of." It is also documented that the station was heard in forty states and twenty-nine countries. The Friendly Giant, KAAY, Little Rock, Arkansas. Monitoring Times. In late 1966, KAAY began broadcasting a late night program that is forever identified with the station. KAAY (1090 AM) is a commercial radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas, owned by Cumulus Media. Critas 680 AM. At home I would listen to WLS, KAAY out of Little Rock, AR, and sometimes get a station out of New Orleans, all of them were AM. kaay radio memories. Love the site Bob, thanks for the. There'll always be only one Beaker Streetand only one Clyde Clifford. It could have been like a new giraffe at the zoo and lets get a name for him. Rod. This was near the end of the AM station's market dominance with its Top 40 format. When driving from Tulsey to my folks' home in Chicago - we always listed to rocker KAAY out of Little Rock - who was directional Northward (till we could get WLS!). She was preceded in death by her husband, Roland Adair Copeland, brother William David "Junior" Setliff, parents William Edgar and Alma Hinton Setliff, Son-n-Law Rick Lindsey, and Great Grandson . KAAY's Beaker Street 1966-1977: Late Nights Of Underground Radio Programming, From Little Rock To The Western Hemisphere, On The Airwaves Of The Nighttime Voice Of Arkansa, Richard Cyril Robinson. DX and Reception . She was born on Sept 3, 1933 in Ashdown, AR. Additional support provided by the Charles M. and Joan R. Taylor Foundation Inc. The Wild I-tralian. Listen online or download the iHeart App. "At just four years old, my older sister gave me her pink Westinghouse radio to listen to. Robbins started in radio at a station in Americus, Ga. YouTube. Beaker Street pre-dated the FM radio boom of the mid-1970s and foretold the rise of Album-oriented Rock and Classic rock formats. I have him to thank for turning me into a Yes fanaticheard the 8-minute version of Roundabout there for the first time, as well as Yours Is No Disgrace, which pretty much cemented the whole deal right there. on December 29, 2012. Fireground operations use 800 MHz national interopability frequences. When I was a kid in the early 70s I would listen to KOMA and KAAY at night on that same Admiral radio. WLS out of Chicago, 500 miles away, was our go to station. KAAY AM 1090. Lots of great memories on those sites. KAAY also was successful in using original comedy in its programming. Libre 1200 AM. KAAY stories often revolve around the Funmobile, the trailer used for remote broadcasts. Had great fun. . Station staff reportedly "wanted way too much for a new transformer", and ended up getting a Collins 5,000 watt transmitter from their sister station in Dallas. Stand with Ukraine. Jingles, theme music collections, breakers, liners, bumpers and assorted in-house imaging and promotional spots produced by various sources for Bay Area radio stations. Only exhibits currently available online are cataloged here. Stream live CNN, FOX News Radio, and MSNBC. You will hear that news re. By the way, if you can solve an argument, which station played "Bonita" by . 1E, 3E. Eventually the station switched to an oldies sound, calling itself "Oldies 1090". Mike Weiss (9/9/99) "Researching info on my father, deceased Chicago musician who performed for many years on WLS in the 40's (according to newpaper obits). "What [Station Manager] Pat Walsh did and the people he surrounded himself with is that they made that station the very core of what the state of Arkansas was, who we were, from the music, to the personalities, to the newscasts that you heard," Nelson said. It sang the tune of memories, pain, sorrow I was a little girl when the world ceased to be real. Death Of Stefan Family Matters, "There was a station in Little Rock Arkansas, KAAY. It was probably around the turn of the century when they changed frequencies from 94.5 to 107.5. The FM station was sold to Signal Media, which owned KLRA. . At the time, "Beaker Street" was very cutting edge, even threatening. It airs a Christian radio format of instruction and preaching, with most of the schedule made up of brokered programming featuring local and national religious leaders, including Charles Stanley, Jim Daly, John F. MacArthur, and Albert Pendarvis. License. Radio Topics. history, classic radio, radio Douglas Thatcher March 22, 2018 1960's, radio, WHB, WHB AM, whb 710 am, iOWA, misouri, Corydon Iowa, Wayne . 243 views | Ocean Vybes - Hype Kage. KAAY was founded as KTHS in 1924 in Hot Springs; it moved to Little Rock in 1953. "This is just about it. Thompson, Sr., Dewey 11/16/1932 - 1/11/2023 Dewey Lee Thompson, Sr., of Allendale, passed away peacefully from his earthly life at his home and entered into eternal life in heaven on January 11, 2023. There might be a small radio in the kitchen, a small radio in the bedroom, and a large floor style radio in the living room. KAAY (AM 1090) has been one of Arkansas's most influential radio stations since it came into being on September 3, 1962. Talk about being honored, I think thats probably one of the biggest honors Ive ever had, to have my fellow disc jockeys at KAAY[let me] be the last one to sign off the big fellow.". KAAY was turned into a Top 40 station in 1962. La Unin 800 AM. This is from the day Robert Kennedy was shot and killed. Older'n dirt, Nov 12, 2009 SHARE POST #7 chubbie Member from Northwest IA PDF KAAY currently is a Christian Talk and Teaching Radio station. Research utilized interviews with Seidenschwarz and KAAY employees. After dark, its nighttime signal reaches over 12 states. Jeff Roteman's WLS Page - WLS Memories Page # 1. PLEASE NOTE: Exhibits are being added on a regular basis. There might be a small radio in the kitchen, a small radio in the bedroom, and a large floor style radio in the living room. Beaker Street began on Little Rock, Arkansas 50,000 watt AM radio station KAAY late in 1966 and ran through 1972. In 1998, KAAY was bought by Citadel Broadcasting for $5 million. The Lou Kirby show on WNOE-1060 AM. Re: KAAY 1090 Beaker Street. The Wild I-tralian. Lake Junaluska, Robert Caxton Doggett, age 98, passed away on Monday, January 13, 2014 at his residence. See a problem? 72201. The judge who sentenced Alex Murdaugh on Friday to life in prison for killing his wife and son has earned attention and plaudits for his even-handed demeanor throughout the trial and for his dressing-down of the once-prominent lawyer just before he sent him to prison. Hard not to give this 5 stars, even when it takes me back to those nights when I'd be listening to my AM unit at home (on the sly--I was supposed to be in bed and asleep, being a senior in high school) or in one of my friend's cars somewhere.we lived in western Nebraska, and as always--as Beaker/Clyde fanatics--we'd always curse the nights when the AM signal would drift too much and praise the nights when it would come in like a charm. The new owners turned KTHS into a top 40 station in 1962, switching the call sign to KAAY. Caxton was born on April 23, 1915 in Kossuth, Mississippi. It was as if someone had suddenly turned on the lights and I saw the world for what it really was: blocks of virtual reality. When I finally get out there and I look in the basement of the transmitter building, theres a whole wall of tapes," McCorkindale said. "AHHHH, the memories!! We had to use a three-tower directional array to keep the signal out of the coverage areas of XPRS in Tijuana and WBAL in Baltimore, which is why the KAAY signal would reach from parts of South America on one end to the North Pole and beyond on the other. His slogan: "The Kirby Show is on the air, parlez-vous." Current Log Book Entry for KAAY. Peso: 19 | 23. Caxton was born on April 23, 1915 in Kossuth, Mississippi. KAAY had a signal that stretched in a wide diagonal path from Montana to Miami and beyond, and in 1966, Seidenschwarz came up with the idea of a show featuring rock music that was way outside of the Top 40, the so-called underground rock format. We had to use a three-tower directional array to keep the signal out of the coverage areas of XPRS in Tijuana and WBAL in Baltimore, which is why the KAAY signal would reach from parts of South America on one end to the North Pole and beyond on the other. Brandon Bennett Elvis Impersonator, TuneIn Logo TuneIn Logo Home Search Local Radio Recents Trending Music Sports News & Talk Podcasts By Location By Language Sign In It was truly underground radio playing material that you never heard anywhere else. But the guy that always stood out was Dick Biondi. Don was a broadcast engineer for Radio One. best tattoo shops in orange county / nepal covid restrictions / kaay radio memories. Honor or memorial gifts are an everlasting way to pay tribute to someone who has touched your life. Barry McCorkindalehas also been engaged in an extensive project to digitize reel to reel tapes that were stored at the station's transmitter site in Wrightsville. Lujack later became a legend on Chicago radio. When I was in the Air Froce I had a few stations near the main base I was stationed at outside of Rapid City, S.D. Robinson, Richard Cyril. Lujack later became a legend on Chicago radio. No Result KAAY, Little Rock, Radio, Beaker Street Language English KAAY (AM)-1090 radio, Little Rock, AR. WARNINGMEMORY TRIGGER. ------ Shows: Born to Win, Call . Wells Funeral Homes Inc & Cremation Services. Liked 1,099 Times in 358 Posts. /** * Error Protection API: WP_Paused_Extensions_Storage class * * @package * @since 5.2.0 */ /** * Core class used for storing paused extensions. . Clyde would play something . We had breakfast cereal, did a bunch of crazy things. I met a couple of radio guys on the Ham Radio yesterday. - If you have to stomp on your foot-pedal starter, either you, or your starter, or your engine, has a problem. He was the oldest of the six children of Bob and Jennie May Doggett, who in the midst of the Great Depression by self-sacrifice and hard . . His career in radio began after he graduated high school and was hired in Batesville, Ark. bridal shower wording sample for guests not invited to wedding; family life resurrection eggs story printable. . Give a donation in someones name to mark a special occasion, honor a friend or colleague or remember a beloved family member. KAAY is among the most powerful AM Christian stations in the United States, with 50,000 watts of day and night power. That may have been the end of KAAYas generations had known it, but many are working to keep the memories fresh. [3] Two years later, it signed on KTHV (channel 11) which affiliated with the CBS television network. Those days, I hate to say they're gone, but theyre gone and its a sad thing.". Listed alphabetically by call letters. The station tried moving to adult contemporary music and some country music. KAAY is a 50,000 watt, class A clear channel AM radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas, licensed on 1090. Y me dijo el Seor: Bien has visto; porque yo apresuro mi palabra para ponerla por obra. See more Christian Education Gospel Talk AM 1090 - 160Kbps Little Rock - Arkansas , United States - English Suggest an update Get the live Radio Widget The program, Beaker Street hosted by Clyde Clifford, was on the air. Seidenschwarz wasn't the first to come up with this format. The Lou Kirby show on WNOE-1060 AM. Kiss 4d Live Result Timor Leste Hari Ini, PDF. ID: 1685: FREQ: 1090: CALL: KAAY: SILENT: CITY: LITTLE ROCK: ST: AR: COUNTRY: USA: STATE: ARKANSAS: DAY P: 50000: CH / PSRA: NIGHT P: 50000: . st thomas the apostle catholic church mass schedule; He was inducted into the Country Broadcaster DJ Hall of Fame in 2008 and was named Broadcast Personality of the Year by the Country Music Association . Radio Farda (Udon Thani Tailand) Radio Educacin XEPPM. And all the people that I got to work with, they really made it great," Scarbrough said. FOR A FEW MAGIC YEARS, for music fans throughout a figure-eight centered in Little Rock and stretching from Canada to Cuba, one radio station was king of the nighttime airwaves: KAAY-AM, The Mighty 1090. David Simmons on March 15, 2012 at 4:02 am said: Worked QID and VMI as part timer from May of 77 through Aug of 79. Larry's First. KAAY was turned into a Top 40 station in 1962. memories. The period is 1966-1980: THE GOLDEN AGE OF FM . The host, engineer Dale Seidenschwarz, was named Clyde Clifford. In 1962, the TV and radio stations were sold to separate owners, with KTHS bought by LIN Broadcasting. Robbins started in radio at a station in Americus, Ga. Larry's First. Thanks for the memories and shaping my musical taste. Robbins eventually left KAAY to have a long, successful career as a country music morning man at other radio stations in Little Rock, but has fond memories of how the industry used to be. He grew up in the Tawas area and excelled in basketball and . Cousin Bruce was probably one of the most popular dj's of the '60s. Michael Hibblen was a journalist for KUAR News from May 2009 December 2022. This was near the end of the AM station's market dominance with its Top 40 format. A christian station at 1140 AM with a transmitter, about a mile away as the crow flies, with poor frequency control wipes it out most days. :)" On two separate occasions, Lincoln worked at KAAY in Little Rock as morning drive time DJ and Program Director. 4,217 Likes, 31 Comments - Kaay (@tossedthoughts) on Instagram: "Do share your memories & tag your people!! But unlike many stations before a pending change, the air staff was able to say goodbye to their listeners. It was noted that it still did relatively well in the ratings, but the new owner in 1985 decided to change the format to paid religious programming. DX'ers in Italy would send letters complaining of interference from Radio Moscow on 1089. Anthony Camarata made his debut playing the accordian at age 14 at Club Alabma and performed from coast to coast. Please share some of your memories with the rest of us. It became an affiliate of the CBS Radio Network. I was born in 1966 and my first memories of listening to AM Broadcast radio was listening to KAAY's Beaker Street with my older brothers. There was a program called Beaker Street hosted by Clyde Clifford. Authorization is only required to store your personal settings. Please share some of your memories with the rest of us. Adail Eduardo Gut, 2800 KAAY 1090 Little Rock Off The Air. The music eminating from the clock radio on my desk almost echoed the tune of the shadows cast from the window. It has been stalwart of Christian radio since 1985. While attending the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, he worked at radio stations, KAAY and KLPO. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Frequency. Larry Ware 2000, Airchecks ready! KAYY's cult status was forged in the late 196's when, after 11:00 each evening, the station abandoned the standard Top 40 format for three hours of underground music with the program Beaker Street hosted by Clyde Clifford. KAAY, radio, Beaker Street "Beaker Street Memories A few reminiscences.

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