It can sometimes be a few weeks before theyll contact you to arrange when they can complete the work at your premises. Some modules are disabled because cookies are declined. Work experience gained by working for Openreach is truly respected in its particular field by other firms. . To avoid unnecessary charges always check your connections and equipment carefully first before arranging an engineer visit. BT Openreach SFI2 Engineer Visits. Not really a good service from BT. BT promised two engineer appointments but no one turned up. As a trainee engineer with Openreach, you'll play a big part in keeping the UK connected. Then just follow our step-by-step guide to install your broadband yourself. BT Openreach was established in 2006 . The CWU general secretary, Dave Ward, said: Since BT Group workers have been forced to take historic strike action in defence of their standard of living, just like in the pandemic, working class people will step up to the plate when employers and politicians fail, and are ready to put need before greed. BT said in a statement: "We have tried and tested processes for large scale colleague absences to minimise any disruption for our customers and these were proved during the pandemic. Sockets becoming damp due to flood, spillage or exposure to high levels of steam. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. 13h08. on Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. If the fault isnt with any BT service or equipment or we have to carry out the work at a time not covered by the terms of the agreement or guarantee, then a charge will apply. Openreach engineer appointments run from either 08:00 13:00 or 13:00 18:00 Monday Saturday. It was reported a yesterday (I think). When you report a fault, we try and assess whether therell be a charge or not. 30-03-2021 Your contracted to 37.5 hours a week for work which your are field based. We use cookies to optimize the website, no personal information is stored. . Anna Tims is away. This is how life was back then. Orders and upgrades. - Experienced on order journey and Asset & Inventory Management.<br>- Complete knowledge of Asset & Inventory build . I saw one at a cabinet last Sunday afternoon. Openreach is the UK's digital network business. BT blamed Openreach for failing to fulfil the earlier appointments, and promised another engineer would come out twice. Hi Dave, the Engineer's work for our suppliers at Openreach but if you DM over the name on the account, BT account number and full address with postcode I can have a look and find the Engineers details and arrange to send feedback over to their manager. And once you've got some experience under your belt, there should be opportunities for overtime. Anyone else had this? The North East Triage was set up to encourage engineers to make the correct decisions regarding all form of civils requests and in doing so engineers would be encouraged to make the right decisions on . When BT decided to install trackers in everyone's vans, forcibly implementing Saturday working and shift patterns, I felt my only . Openreach engineer appointments run from either 08:00 - 13:00 or 13:00 - 18:00 Monday - Saturday. What are the time slots for Openreach engineer appointments? BT. In your case, communication between the two appears to have broken down badly. Openreach - how long to fix a fault We've had the first line support openreach engineer come out and assess the state of our line after having issues with our hlme connection. ", Call us on0800 800 150to discuss your installation. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Equipment is customer owned or rented (but not BT's network) and the fault is the result of external damage or environmental factors like lightning, electrical surges or floods. My dad explainedwhat had happened and she looked into the system and said the engineer who caused the issue had failed to report any issues with the visit. Of course im not too fussed as I have my broadband working, but a bit of a pain when I booked the afternoon off work to wait for them to come. You might not need a visit, just the right advice and help to identify the problem! Openreach, which controls most of the UK's. Suitable recruits were initially identified by Jobcentre Plus and invited to an open day and interview. He took a look and said it was related to the amount of extensions, which we said had been cut down after the fun and games of last year (My previous thread is here & with the help a lot of Neil, a great mod here, we actually got some resolution: Im an Independent Engineer providing the same high standard of workmanship as I was trained and employed by BT until 2011. Sustainability, Northern Well send you a confirmation email with your appointment date and time slot. Contact BT. Response was given fairly soon after initial slection. So, here's where it all started working as a Phone Engineer. I have my new router sent to me ready to go, which I was told to let the Openreach Engineer install. Amount of compensation. This is simply not true. Message 3 of 4 (2,131 Views) 0 Anoush Aspiring Hero Posts: 2,568 Thanks: 571 Fixes: 139 Emergency services found the Openreach engineer's body in the river at Abergwyngregyn,. Ive heard people say Sky told me I need to have my Router plugged into the main socket, and not an extension, in order for my internet to work. Most connections and installations are going ahead as normal, but engineer visits may be cancelled or delayed. View all small & medium business solutions, Cyber attacks don't come with friendly warnings, The Future is Now: insight for your business, Save time, manage your account, and check your services at your fingertips, Find out more about the BT Business app and how to download it. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. BT Group workers unionised with the CWU stand at a picket line outside the BT Tower in London during the strike on 29 July. Theyll aim to do this within 5 working days of you placing your order. Asked 22 May 2022 This is a very common mistake made worse by the press. We have a range of ways to get in touch for new and existing customers. When the union voted to strike last month, BT said that it was disappointed and would "work to keep our customers and the country connected" if staff walked out. They'll aim to do this within 5 working days of you placing your order. Within 10 working days, Openreach will have completed their survey. How long is the appointment? Work programme gives an insight into life as an Openreach engineer National press office If you have a media enquiry, please contact the External Communications team at Tl: 0800 9177550 Address 1 Braham Street London E1 8EE Customers If you are a customer, please call our customer service number Tl: 0800 800 150 . Was the First Engineer who the complaint was about actually a Qube Engineer? The engineer said you should only have one line and said to get rid of the other. The installation takes around three hours and the Openreach engineer will need access to your property. Working from home no service passing the buck. A specific time cannot be given and access must be available for the entire slot. Include an address and phone number. The union will mount picket lines outside company offices across the UK and is asking people to bring food, which it will deliver to local food banks. However the test carried out is only for a few seconds and its just as likely that the fault is in the external telephone network and you could be entitled to have it fixed FREE! Well send you a text with your engineers name and mobile number. Instal a new Telephone Extension Socket Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Diploma for Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals at SCQF Level 5 Employer Name BT Business Type Telecommunications Wage 20,000 Hours Of Work 35 hours Duration 12 months Age Limit 16 - 19 Proposed Start Date September 2018 Related Job Profiles Telecommunications Engineer Closing Date 02/04/2018 Positions Available If the engineer is already working on the fault, then you won't be able to change the appointment. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your working hours Our engineers work 37.5 hours a week. New grading structure. To change your appointment: You can also easily change engineer appointments using the BT Business app. "Where talent is a dwarf, self-esteem is a giant. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the . I interviewed at Openreach (London, England) in Sep 2020. Well let you know how quickly you could be up and running when you order fibre broadband. BT won't send no one out because @SkyHelpTeam are my provider. Try their website here. If my premises is a 'Listed' building is there a way of providing Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)? You'll find up-to-date details of all charges and pricing information in BT Price List. "This is not a case of an employer refusing to meet a union's demands - this is about an employer refusing to meet us whatsoever," he said. An engineer will install an ONT at your premises to connect to the nearby fibre cable. The company has offered employees a 1,500 per year pay increase, which the union claims is effectively a pay cut considering rampant inflation. "These are the same workers who kept the country connected during the pandemic. Hence, the addition of working experience gained from Openreach can truly be like a milestone . By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. He has great customer service skills within a domestic and commercial environment and is very polite towards everybody. Installation day: What to expect Damage to equipment within your premises caused by lightning or power surges. Mon 1 Aug 2022 02.00 EDT Thousands of BT and Openreach workers will go on strike again on Monday in a dispute over pay. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Poor customer service 3 1 1 BT @bt_uk Replying to @IpsBhoy Sorry to hear this is the case. He could not find an issue with the BB and couldn't do too much digging as my dad was in a work meeting, but provided me a line of contact with him if we have extreme amount of drops again. My Background as a Phone Engineer in Southend. Contact from abroad. If installing your FTTP needs Excess Construction Charges, well let you know before starting work. Its a good idea to make sure youve got the relevant property insurance to cover such instances. Faulty equipment like a telephone or router not covered by a maintenance contract. Suggest you contact openreach as this is BT Retail /Consumer forum. 15h06. The re-branding exercise actually started, in a very low-key way, a few short . Announcements, Guides & Community Updates. Open any windows or doors where the Openreach engineer may need to work.The engineer will follow government guidelines and wear protective equipment, for example a mask and/or gloves, and wipe down any surface they have touched. At conservative gathering, Trump is still the favourite. Monday 9th June 2014. Some 85 percent of BT Group workers will receive this, though it was 26,000 Openreach engineers and call center staff that participated in industrial action. Starting salary is poor, but you'll reach the higher rate after 3 years. They then spent a couple of days being inducted and learning about health and safety, before being paired up with an engineer. We explained everything and he got to work fixing the previous engineers work and then took a look at the internet issue. Again, no one turned up. Filter Found 9 of over 168 interviews Sort Popular Popular Most Recent Oldest first Easiest But you will have heard of BT, BT Broadband and BT Infinity . It could be Sky's Openreach account number, for the details that ISPs have given them. Russian minister laughed at for Ukraine war claims. VideoRussian minister laughed at for Ukraine war claims, The children left behind in Cuba's mass exodus, Xi Jinping's power grab - and why it matters, Snow, Fire and Lights: Photos of the Week. Need to change your appointment? The placement gave the four recruits the chance to buddy up with an Openreach engineer, visiting residential and business customers throughout Nottinghamshire. Its not BT Openreach, its simply Openreach, a BT Group company.. They are completely useless but Openreach Engineers dont tend to mind them because their incompetence generates revenue for Openreach when they have to go out and fix their mess. . An actual one and not one of the Qube(not sure how it's spelt) guys and it happened to be one of the guys who visited last year. For more information about careers as an engineer with Openreach please visit and visit careers. They will fit a new faceplate on your master phone socket, which is where the broadband cable comes into your house.When positioning your hub, the engineer may need to install new cabling. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Moving home . Theres no charge for most engineer visits. BTinvests 5m in plan for drone superhighway across southern England, Cautious BT may boost cash support for its 47bn pension scheme, BTawards tens of thousands of staff 1,500 as strikes end, BTtells staff it could help those hit hardest by cost of living crisis, BTwarns of more job losses as rising bills force bigger cost-cutting drive, BTis feeling the squeeze as inflation clouds its future, BTs pension fund fell by 11bn after mini-budget, Kwasi Kwartengs opaque stance on BT ownership is not helping, Billionaire Patrick Drahi allowed to keep BT stake after security review. The strike is against a 1,500 pay increase for all employees, which the CWU says means a real-terms wage cut because of the soaring rate of inflation. Jobseekers in Nottingham are hoping valuable experience gained with BTs local network business Openreach will give them a better chance of finding employment in the future. If its a BT product or service at fault and its covered by a service guarantee or a maintenance or rental agreement, well repair or replace as appropriate in accordance with the agreed terms. The BT subsidiary Openreach is to hire more than 5,000 engineers to accelerate the rollout of next-generation full-fibre broadband across the UK. So we have a line that works upstairs but he has broken the one we want downstairs. Soon after you sent your letter to us, your service was patched up by an Openreach engineer working on a property nearby. I could not recommend working for BT Openreach at all. Damage caused during a break in to your premises. Job Responsibilities: Undertake poling when required Work on I've checked with Openreach and they've confirmed an engineer is scheduled to work on the fault today Richard between 8-1 however access is required to the property so . Log intoorder trackerusing your BT ID or order reference and postcode. The engineer first needs to turn on the cable that runs from the street cabinet to your property. I need an engineer to come to my premises to fix a broadband fault. @XRaySpeX . @katenoblett. What's the least amount of exercise we can get away with? What tips or advice would you give to others applying to BT? Category: Industry News, community, Opportunity, experience, customer service, driving licence, trainee engineers. I know a mod hasn't had a chance to look into this yet so I just wanted to update as I know you guys are busy. 26/04/2017. 444 reviews from Openreach employees about Openreach culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. If the work is not complex, they'll carry out all the external work required. Overtime is usually available so the minimum . This depends on the apprenticeship you are applying for. CER / Field Insights - North England. The union was . BT argued that you still received a partial service. For The phone stopped working, and our broadband was down for about three hours but then came. You can view these money saving ideas by clickingHERE. There may be a charge if an engineer is called out to fix a fault that you could fix yourself, like a fault with your phone equipment. Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), including call centre workers and engineers, will hold a 24-hour strike, after similar action on Friday. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The live chat person wasn't at all helpful and actually closed the chat without resolution. 13h06, I just wanted to provide to the mods and@NeilO. Well arrange a convenient appointment when both you and the engineer are available. Ring sky told an engineer will come out in the next 48 hrs. Darlington, United Kingdom. If you currently work for the BT Group please apply directly through the Internal jobs board. 22h. Delayed repair following loss of service. Complex Engineering Reception and Triage. on The fault is due to damage caused by someone at the customer's premises. Lost or stolen. Compiled by Patrick Collinson. It provided a chance for them to learn new practical skills and observe the engineer installing new phone lines as well as identifying and then fixing faults. Ask questions and share tips with other people 24 hours a day. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Can Nigeria's election result be overturned? Anne Heal, managing director for BT volunteering, said: The life of an engineer from Openreach is interesting and varied. If, following their survey, Openreach decide that a 2 stage install is too complex, they may advise that FTTP cannot feasibly be installed. Help and support; Contact BT; Back. Work programme gives an insight into life as an Openreach engineer. Engineers from Openreach managed to cut our telephone line while they were working on our road. They will call you to confirm their arrival time and to find out about any access requirements. Wherever they join us - in BT, EE, Plusnet or Openreach, our apprentices learn real-world skills and help solve some of the world's biggest tech challenges. My previous 10 years working for the Armed Forces augmented my leadership and management experience, helping me to excel at problem solving in my current role, managing . Its hoped the experience gained will be a valuable addition to their CVs and could help secure permanent jobs in the future. Engineer call outs and costs | BT Business Business help Phone line & services Fix Report or manage a fault Engineer call outs and costs There's no charge for most engineer visits. Replying to . Answered View answer in the context of this discussion Report post If the work is not complex, theyll carry out all the external work required., on Openreach Part of BT Engaged Employer Overview 929 Reviews 6 Jobs 985 Salaries 168 Interviews 122 Benefits 7 Photos + Add an Interview Openreach Civil Engineer Interview Questions Updated 13 Oct 2022 Find Interviews To filter interviews, Sign In or Register. 0 Ratings Ibz If the work is complex, Openreach will take longer to do all the external work. BT said it had made its best pay offer and would not be re-opening the 2022 pay review. Why Alex Murdaugh was spared the death penalty, Why Trudeau is facing calls for a public inquiry, The shocking legacy of the Dutch 'Hunger Winter'. So, if an engineer is already visiting your premises to carry out some work, there wouldn't be a cost. We don't ask for any formal qualifications. 'Openreach' Engineer walked out after unable to reconnect one of the phone ports, Re: 'Openreach' Engineer walked out after unable to reconnect one of the phone ports, (If I have helped you in any way please click the thumbs up. My dad is the account holder and trying to contact BT due too the unprofessional engineer and also we need the line downstairs to be working, not upstairs. I'm wondering will there be engineers working on a saturday? When you contacted BT, it said it had not booked that engineer and did not know about the work. Re: Openreach trainee engineer interview I don't think anyone's been given the hours yet as nobody has even done the training yet. When it became clear that we were not going to reach an accord, we took the decision to go ahead with awarding our team members and frontline colleagues the highest pay award in more than 20 years, effective 1 April. Normal for Openreach is 5 days a week 7.12hours a day. Read about our approach to external linking. The union said the strike action was likely to affect the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband, and could cause significant issues for those working from home. 01-04-2021 If a charge is likely, well let you know. Hey,@zoni23welcome back to the community. 8.40 for each calendar day that the service is not repaired. Our world-class training programme will teach you how to install and fix phone and broadband connections, from traditional copper networks to cutting-edge fibre optic broadband cables. Account and billing. Accept cookies to experience the full functionality of this page. Extra construction charges only apply in exceptional circumstances such as where there is more external work required from Openreach than was initially estimated. An engineer visit is requested, and no fault is found. Engineers from Openreach managed to cut our telephone line while they were working on our road. Openreach Part of BT Engaged Employer Overview 864 Reviews 685 Jobs 985 Salaries 164 Interviews 107 Benefits 7 Photos Follow + Add a Review Openreach Trainee Engineer Reviews Updated 15 Nov 2022 Find Reviews Clear All English Filter Found 50 of over 864 reviews Sort Popular Popular Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Recent Oldest first 4.1 Submission and publication are subject to our terms and conditions, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. Well remotely activate a port on the ONT. There is a standard cost of 140 for a new BT Openreach phone line installation, but not every provider charges the customer for this. A telecommunication giant's training school in Peterborough has seen 2,500 engineers through its . There are a number of tests you can do yourself before calling your Service Provider and booking a BT Openreach Engineer or an Independent Telephone Engineer like myself. Without CWU members in BT Group, there would have been no home-working revolution, and vital technical infrastructure may have malfunctioned or been broken when our country most needed it.". I know this because I have 26 years of experience tracing all kinds of faults. With an antibacterial wipe, clean down any surfaces around the telephone socket our engineers may come into contact with.

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